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Library of the Essex Institute 




printed by Avwakd & Huntress. 

Ube Salem ptcee. 

4 Central St., Salem, Mass. 


N O T K. 

THE collection of books on China now in the library of the Essex Institute was made 
by a member of the Institute with the view of confining it to works in the English 
language descriptive of the Chinese empire and its people. Although it has outgrown 
its original scope it is far from being complete in any branch, and is to be considered as 
a nucleus for a more extensive library on the subject of China and the Chinese. The 
publication of this catalogue was undertaken largely with the hope that it might encour- 
age the addition by gift of such books as are needed to make the collection more com- 
plete and useful. This catalogue has been prepared under the direction of the librarian of 
the Salem Public Library and on presentation of a request card from him, the Essex 
Institute will allow patrons of the Public Library to consult these books. 

For the transliteration and translation of titles under the heading" Books in Chinese " 
the compiler is indebted to Prof. Edward 8. Morse and Mr. Bunkio Matsuki. 

The Bulletin of the Salem Public Library for August, 1895 contains a list of the books 
on China, Korea and Japan which are found on the shelves of that library. 

September, 1895. 


Synopsis of Arrangement. 

Periodicals and 

General Works. 

Prisoners in China. 

Guide books. 


Photographs and en- 

Taiping rebellion. 




Foreign Relations. i_. 
Commerce and Trade. 
Chinese in America. 


Grammars and ele- 
mentary manuals. 


Pidgin- English. 

History and criticism. 

Chinese classics. 

Translations from the 

Religion and Philoso- 

General works, Con- 
fucianism and Taou- 



/ Term question. 


Chinese Science. 
Natural History. 

Money and Coins. 
Fine Arts. 




Education and Child 

Neighboring Countries 

Indo China. 



Siberia, etc. 

Travels of Chinamen 
Foreign Fiction and 

Books in Chinese. 


Armstrong, J. M. Catalogue of valuable and 
rare books and pamphlets on China, Japan, and 
the East generally, including a select library of 
Chinese standard works. Hongkong. 1882. 

Cordier, H. Bibliotheca Sinica ; dictionnaire 
bibliographique des ouvrages relatif s a l'empire 
chinois. 2 v. Paris. 1878-85. C 159 

Cushing, C. Catalogue of [his] private li- 
brary, Newburyport, Mass. B. 1879. D 10 
Leroux, E. Bibliographie chinoise ; catalogue 
d'une importante collection de livres relatif s a 
la Chine. Paris. 1874. D 8 
Ley den, University of. Catalogue des livres 
chinois qui se trouvent dans la bibliotheque de 
l'universite de Leide. Leyden. 1883. 

Box A 12 
Mayers, W. P. Bibliography of the Chinese 
imperial collections of literature. Hongkong. 
1878. D 2 

Mollendorff, P. G. and O. P. von. Manual of 
Chinese bibliography; a list of works and es- 
says relating to China. Shanghai 1876. 

C 158 
Royal Asiatic society. Catalogue of the Chinese 
library; by S. Kidd. [L. 1838.] C 97 

Wylie, A. Notes on Chinese literature ; with 
introductory remarks on the progressive ad- 
vancement of the art, and a list of translations 
from the Chinese into various European lan- 
guages Shanghai. 1867. C 161 

Periodicals and Transactions. 

Anglo-Chinese calendar for 1854. Canton. 
1854. A 1; D21 

Canton miscellany, Nos. 1-5. 1831. A 5 

China review, 1872-85. v. 1-13 and nos. 1-2 of 
v. 14. Hongkong. 1872-85. A 7 

China's millions, 1878 ; ed. by J. H. Taylor. 
L. 1878. A 12 

Chinese courier and Canton gazette, July, 
1831, to April, 1832. Canton. 1831-32. 

A 13 
Chinese newspapers. [Cut from the People's 
magazine, Sept. 7, 1867.] D 11 

A brief account of the newspapers of China. 
Chinese repository, 1832-49. v. 1-18. Can- 
ton. 1833-49. A 6 
V. 13 bears imprint Victoria, Hongkong. 
Far East; a monthly journal illustrated with 
photographs; ed. by J. B. Black. New series, 
v. 1, nos. 1-2. Shanghai. 1876. A 14 
Hongkong magazine, July, 1857, to June, 1858. 
Hongkong. 1857-58. A 8 
International congress of Orientalists. Comp- 
te-rendu de la premiere session, Paris, 1873. v. 
1. Paris. 1874. [p. 352-389. Etudes chinoises.] 

C 157 

— Report of the proceedings of the second In- 
ternational congress of Orientalists, London, 
1874. L. 1874. D 4 
Our boys, Dec, 1885, to Nov., 1886. New ser. 
v. 1. nos. 1-7. Hongkong. 1885-86. A 15 
Peking gazette, translation, 1872, 1874-78, 
1880. 7 v. Shanghai. 1873-81. A 9 
Royal Asiatic society. North-China branch. 
Journal, 1880. Shanghai. [1881.] A 11 

— Straits branch. Notes and queries. Nos. 1- 
3. Singapore. 1885-86. A 16 
Shanghae almanac, 1853, 1855-56, and miscel- 
lany, v. 2, 4-5. Shanghai. [1852-55.] A 3 

— Miscellany ; or, Companion to the Shanghai 
almanac for 1857. Shanghai. 1857. A 4 
Shanghai literary and scientific society. Jour- 
nal, no. 1, June, 1858. Shanghai. 1858. 

Societe des e'tudes japonaises, chinoises, tar- 
tares, et indo-chinoises. Annuaire; premiere 
annee, 1873. [Paris. 1873.] D 8 




Dunn, N. Descriptive catalogue of the Chinese 
collection in Philadelphia. Phil. 1839. C 5 

International health exhibition, London, 1884. 
Illustrated catalogue of the Chinese collection 
of exhibits. L. 1884. [China. Imperial mari- 
time customs. Misc. ser., no. 12.] C 6 
New Orleans exposition, 1884-5. Catalogue of 
the Chinese collection of exhibits. Shanghai. 
1884. [China. Imperial maritime customs. Misc. 
ser., no. 13.] C 7 
Peters, J. R. Miscellaneous remarks upon the 
Chinese suggested by the Chinese museum in 
Boston. B. 1845. C 5 
Philadelphia, Pa. International exhibition, 
1876. Catalogue of the Chinese Imperial mari- 
time customs collection. Shanghai. 1876. 

Photographs of exhibits bound with this catalogue. 
Wines, E. C. Peep at China in Mr. Dunn's 
Chinese collection; with miscellaneous notices 
relating to the institutions and customs of the 
Chinese. Phil. 1839. F 209a 

General Works. 

Aikin, J. Geographical delineations. Phil. 
1807. [p. 240-254. China.] F 128 

Allom, T., and Wright, G. N. Chiua ; scenery, 
architecture, and social habits. 4 v. L. [1843.] 

Sketches by Allom ; text by Wright. 

Arene, J. La Chine familiere et galante. Paris. 
1876. C 86 

Auber, P. China; an outline of its govern- 
ment, laws, and policy, and of the British and 
foreign embassies to that empire. L. 1834. 

B 6 
Balfour, F. H. Waifs and strays from the far 
East ; a series of disconnected essays on matters 
relating to China. L. 1876. C 143 

Boulger, D. C. Central Asian questions. L. 
1885. [p. 166-441. China.] C 155 

Breton de la Mai-tiniere, J. B. J. China; its 
costume, arts, manufactures, etc. ; ed. princi- 
pally from the originals in the cabinet of M. 
Bertin. Ed. 3. 4 v. L. 1813. P7 

— Same. 2 v. L. n. d. P8 

Brief account of the Chinese Empire and Chi- 
nese Tartary. Calcutta. 1840. F 29 
Carre, L. L'ancien Orient, v. 1. Paris. 1874- 
[p. 275-511.] B 32 
China as it was and as it is ; with a glance at 
the tea and opium trades. N. Y. 1846. 

D 10; D 17 
Clark, J. H., and others. Story of China and 
Japan, with a sketch of Corea and the Coreans 
and the causes leading to the conflict of 1894. 
Phil. [1894.] B 81 

Corner, Julia. China, pictorial, descriptive, 
and historical. L 1853. B 22 

Dapper, O. Beschryving des Keizerryks van 
Taising of Sina. Amsterdam. 1670. B 71 

Davis, Sir J. F. China during the war and 
since the peace. 2 v. L. 1852. F 14 

Davis, Sir J. F. The Chinese; a general de- 
scription of the empire of China and its inhab- 
itants. 2 v. L. 1836. F 15 

— Chinese miscellanies ; essays and notes. L. 
1865. C 142 

— Sketches of China; with notices and obser- 
vations relative to the present war. 2 v. L. 
1841. F16 
DeQuincey, T. China. Edin. 1857. C 147 
Douglas, R. K. China. L. 1882. B 1 6 

— Society in China. L. 1894. F 243 
Du Halde, J. B. Description of the empire of 
China and CSinese-Tartary, with Korea and Ti- 
bet, v. 2. L. 1741. B 11a 

— General history of China. 4 v. L. 1736. 

B lib 
Eden, C. H. China, historical and descriptive; 
with app. on Corea. L. 1877. B 26 

Forgues, P. E. D. La Chine ouverte; par Old 
Nick [pseud.]. Paris. 1845. F 18 

Giles, H. A. Chinese sketches. L. 1876. 


— Glossary of reference on subjects connected 
with the far East. Hongkong. 1878. C 78 

— Historic China and other sketches. L. 1882. 

Gray, J. H. China ; a history of the laws, man- 
ners, and customs of the people. 2 v. L. 1878. 

Grosier, J. B. G. A. , l'abbe'. Description gen- 
erate de la Chine. Paris. 1785. F 50 

— General description of China. 2 v. L. 1788. 

Gundry, R. S. China, present and past; 
foreign intercourse, progress and resources, the 
missionary question, etc. L. 1895. F 257 

Gutzlaff, C. China opened; or, A display of 
the topography, history, customs, etc., of the 
Chinese Empire ; rev. by A. Reed. 2 v. L. 
1838. B20 

Irisson, M. d\ Etudes sur la Chine contem- 
poraine. Paris. 1866. C 98 

Kidd, S. China. L. 1841. F 21 

Kircher, A. La chine illustree; tr. par F. S. 
Dalquie'. Amsterdam. 1670. B 72 

Knox, T. W. John ; or, Our Chinese relations. 
N. Y. 1879. C 41 

Laffltte, P. Considerations generates sur l'en- 
semble de la civilisation chinoise et sur les rela- 
tions de l'Occident avec la Chine. Paris. 1861. 

C 16 
Lamont, A. Bright Celestials ; the Chinaman 
at home and abroad. By John Coming China- 
man [pseud.]. L. 1894. F 254 
Langdon, W. B. Ten thousand things relating 
to China and the Chinese. L. 1842. F 51 
Lay, G. T. Chinese as they are ; their moral, 
social, and literary character. L. 1841. F 25 
Leehler, R. Acht vortrage iiber China. Ba- 
sel. 1861. C 149 
Ljungstedt, Sir A. Historical sketch of the 
Portuguese settlements in China and of the Ro- 
man Catholic church and mission ; [with] De- 

scription of the city of Canton. B. 1836. 

B 19 


Magalhaens, G. de. New history of China. 
L. 1688. B 34 

Martin, R. M. China, political, commercial, 
and social. 2 v. L. 1847. F 22 

Martin, W. A. P. The Chinese ; their educa- 
tion, philosophy, and letters. N. Y. 1881. 

— Hamlin papers; or, Essays on the intellectual 
life of the Chinese. L. 1880. C 152 

Meadows, T. T. Desultory notes on the gov- 
ernment and people of China and on the Chinese 
language. L. 1847. C 21 

Medhurst, W. H. China; its state and pros- 
pects, with special reference to the spread of the 
gospel. L. 1838. F 20 

Morrison, R. View of China for philological 
purposes ; containing a sketch of Chinese chro- 
nology, geography, government, religion, and 
customs for the use of persons who study the 
Chinese language. Macao. 1817. C 146 

Mossman, S. China ; a brief account of the 
country, its inhabitants, and their institutions. 
L. n.d. F 11 

Mudie, R. China and its resources; with a 
view of the opium question and a notice of As- 
sam. L. 1840. C 64 
Murray, H., and others. Historical and de- 
scriptive account of China. 3 v. Bdin. 1843. 

B 10 
Nevius, J. L. China and the Chinese. N. Y. 
1872. F 19 

Pauw, C. de. Philosophical dissertations on 
the Egyptians and Chinese; tr. by J. Thomson. 
2 v. L. 1795. C 141 

People of China; their history, court, religion* 
etc. ; added, a sketch of Protestant missions. 
L. n. d. F10 

Percy, T., bp. of Dromore, ed. Miscellaneous 
pieces relating to the Chinese. 2 v. L. 1762. 

Province of Shing-king; and a short account 
of Tonquin. Shanghai. 1880. F 114 

Province of Yiin-nan, past, present, and fu- 
ture; Aboriginal tribes of Western Yiin-nan; 
Biography of the Mahometan prince Hsien 
Yang; Prom Ta-li-fu to Shanghai. Shanghai. 
1885 F 148 

Beclus, 0. Bird's-eye view of the world. 
B. 1887. Tp- 353-382. Chinese Empire.] 


Scarth, J. Twelve years in China ; the people, 
the rebels, and the mandarins ; by a British res- 
ident. Edin. 1860. F 135 
Sears, R. Pictorial history of China and India. 
N. Y. 1852. [p. 17-354. China.] F 48 
Semedo, A. History of that great and re- 
nowned monarchy of China; added, the history 
of the late invasion and conquest by the Tartars 
[by M. Martinius]. L. 1665. B 8 
Sirr, H. C. China and the Chinese ; their re- 
ligion, character, customs, and manufactures. 
Jt. L. 1849. F23 
Smith, W. L. G. Observations on China and 
the Chinese. N. Y. 1863. F 17 
Speer, W. The oldest and the newest empire ; 
China and the U. S. Hartford. 1870. C 31 

Staunton, Sir G. T. Miscellaneous notices re- 
lating to China and our commercial intercourse 
with that country ; including translations from 
the Chinese language. L. 1850. B 17 

Tcheng-ki-Tong. Chin-chin ; or, The China- 
man at home; tr. by R. H. Sherard. L. 1895. 


— Chinese painted by themselves ; tr. from the 
French, by J. Millington. L. n. d. C 121 
Wheeler, L. N. Foreigner in China. Ch. 1881. 

Whitney, W. D. Oriental and linguistic stud- 
ies; second series. N. Y. 1874. [p. 52-125. 
China and the Chinese; China and the West.] 

Williams, S. W. Middle kingdom; the Chi- 
nese Empire and its inhabitants. Ed. 3. 2 v. 
N. Y. 1853. B 3a 

— Same Rev. ed. 1883. B 3b 
Winterbotham, W. Historical, geographi- 
cal and philosophical view of the Chinese Em- 
pire; [with] account of Lord Macartney's 
embassy. 2 v. in 1. Phil. 1796. B 9a 

— Same. Ed. 2. L. n. d. B 9b 



Braam Houckgeest, A. E. van. Authentic ac- 
count of the embassy of the Dutch East-India 
company to the emperor of China, 1794-95. 2 v. 
L. 1798. F 36 

Dapper, O. Gedenkwaerdig bedryf der Neder- 
landsche Oost-Indische maetschappye, op de 
kuste en in het keizerrijk van Taising of Sina; 
behelzende het tweede gezandschap door J. van 
Kampen en K. Nobel, en het derde gezandschap 
onder P. van Hoorn. Amsterdam. 1670. 

NieuhofF, J. Embassy from the East-India 
company of the United Provinces to the Grand 
Tartar Cham, emperor of China, delivered by P. 
de Goyer and J. de Keyzer, at Peking ; tr. by J. 
Ogilby. L. 1673. F 217 

Macartney, 1792-94- 

Anderson, A. Narrative of the British em- 
bassy to China, 1792-94. L. 1795. F 37 
Barrow, J. Travels in China. L. 1804. F 74 
Staunton, Sir G. L. Authentic account of an 
embassy from the king of Great Britain to the 
emperor of China; taken chiefly from the papers 
of the earl of Macartney. Ed. 2. 2 v. text and 
2 v. plates. L. 1798. F 43 

— Historical account of the embassy to the em- 
peror of China ; abridged principally from the 
papers of Earl Macartney. L. 1797. 

F 41 ; F 42 

— Reis van Lord Macaitneij naar China, v. 3. 
Amsterdam. 1799. F 34 

Amherst, 1816. 

Abel, C. Narrative of a journey in the interior 
of China, 1816-17; containing an account of Lord 
Amherst's embassy to the court of Pekin. L. 
1818. F 73 


Ellis, H. Journal of the proceedings of the 
late embassy to China. Phil. 1818. F 40 

— Same. Ed. 2. 2 v. L. 1818. F 39 

— Amherst's embassy. [A review of Ellis's 
Journal; cut from magazine.] D 11 
Hall, B. Voyage to Loo-Choo and other places 
in the Eastern seas, 1816; including an account 
of Capt. Maxwell's attack on the batteries at 
Canton. Edin. 1826. [Constable's miscellany, 
v. 1.] F 127 
M'Leod, J. Voyage of H. M. S. Alceste along 
the coast of Corea to the island of Lewchew. L. 
1818. F 122 

— M'Leod's Voyage of the Alceste. [A review ; 
cut from magazine.] D 11 

Timkowski, 1820-21. 

Timkowski, G. Travels of the Bussian mis- 
sion through Mongolia to China and residence 
in Peking, 1820-21 ; ed. by J. von Klaproth. 2 
v. L. 1827. F 164 

— Russian mission to China [A review of Tim- 
kowski's Travels ; cut from American quarterly 
review, March, 1828.] D 11 

Gros, 1857-58. 

Moges, Marquis de. Recollections of Baron 
Gros's embassy to China and Japan, 1857-58. L. 
1860. F 32 

Elgin, 1857-60. 

Loch, H. B. Personal narrative of occurrences 
during Lord Elgin's second embassy to China, 
1860. L. 1869. F 133 

Oliphant, L. Narrative of the earl of Elgin's 
mission to China and Japan, 1857-59. 2 v. Edin. 
1859. F 31 

Ward, 1859. 

Williams, S. W. Narrative of the American 
embassy to Peking in July, 1859. Shanghai. 
1859. [Royal Asiatic society. North China 
branch. Journal, v. 1, no. 3, art. 6:] F 33 

Chinese Embassies. 

Boston, Mass. Reception and entertainment 
of the Chinese embassy by the city of Boston. 
B. 1868. C 45 

Burlinganie's embassy. 

Knox, T. W. Chinese embassy to the foreign 
powers. [Cut from Harper's magazine, Oct., 
1868.] D 11 

Tu-li-shin. Narrative of the Chinese embassy 
to the khan of the Tourgouth Tartars, 1712-15 ; 
tr. by Sir G. T. Staunton. L. 1821. F 38 


Including also general works on manners and 

Ataeel, D. Journal of a residence in China and 
the neighboring countries, 1829-33. N. Y 1834. 

F 179 
— Same. Ed. 2. N. Y. 1836. F 98 

Anderson, J. Mandalay to Momien ; a narra- 
tive of the two expeditions to Western China of 
1868 and 1875, under E. B. Sladen and H. 
Browne. L. 1876. F 204 

Anderson, L Among typhoons and pirate 
craft. L. 1892. [p. 1-100.] F 236 

— Cruise in an opium clipper. L. 1891. 

Avonmore, M. T. L. Yelverton, viscountess. 
Teresina peregrina ; or, Fifty thousand miles of 
travel round the world. 2 v. L. 1874. [v. 1, 
p. 95-174.] F55 

Babor, E. C. Travels and researches in West- 
ern China. L. 1882. [Royal geographical so- 
ciety. Supplementary papers, v. 1, pt. 1.] 

F 209 
Ball, B. L. Rambles in Eastern Asia, including 
China and Manilla. B. 1855. [p. 78-139, 202- 
417.] F 175 

Ballou, M. M. Due west ; or, Round the world 
in 10 months. B. 1884. [p. 81-124.] F 60 
Bastian, A. Reisen in China von Peking zur 
Mongolischen grenze. Jena. 1871. F 131 

Bax, B. W. Eastern seas, the voyage of H. M. 
S. Dwarf in China, Japan, and Formosa L. 
1875. F 90 

Beau voir, L., comte de. Java, Siam, Canton; 
voyage autour du monde. Paris. 1871. [p. 
348-448.] F 177 

— Pekin, Jeddo, and San Francisco; the con- 
clusion of a Voyage round the world. L. 1872. 
[p. 1-118.] F 130 
Berncastle, J. Voyage to China. 2 v. L. 
1851. [v. 2. China.] F 93 
Biokmore, A. S. Sketch of a journey from 
Canton to Hankow [1866] ; with geological notes. 
[Cut from Royal Asiatic society. North-China 
branch. Journal.] D 20 
Bishop, Mrs. Isabella L. B. Golden Chersonese 
and the way thither. N. Y. 1883. [p. 36-116.] 

F 207 
Blakiston, T. W. Five months on the Yang- 
tsze ; with notices of the present rebellions in 
China. L. 1862. F 138 

Bonnetain, P. L'extrgme Orient. Paris. 
[1887.] [p. 319-491. L'empire chinois.] 

Bower, H. Diary of a journey across Tibet. 
N. Y. 1894. " F 244 

Brassey, Annie A., lady. Voyage in the Sun- 
beam. Toronto. 1879. [p. 370-407.] F 57 
Bridgman, E. C. Description of the city of 
Canton ; with an app. containing an account of 
the population of the Chinese Empire, Chinese 
weights and measures, and the imports and ex- 
ports of Canton. Canton. 1839. F 188 
Brooks, J. Seven months' run, up and down 
and around the world. N. Y. 1872. [p. 129- 
282.] F 70 
Bryson, T. Week in Nanking, the old me- 
tropolis of China. L. 1872. D 13 
Carne\ L. de. Travels in Indo-China and the 
Chinese Empire. L. 1872. [p. 212-365.] 

Carnegie, A. Round the world. N. Y. 1884. 
[p. 74-146. China.] F 53 


China and its people, a book for young readers ; 
by a missionary's wife. L. 1870. F 9 

Clarke, B. Land of the pigtail ; its people and 
customs from a boy's point of view. L. n. d 

Coffin, C. C. Our new way round the world. 
B. [1869.] [p. 253-418. China.] F 54 

Colquhoun, A. E. Across Chrysfi ; a journey 
of exploration through the South China border 
lands from Canton to Mandalay. 2 v. N. Y. 
1883. F 1 95 

Coltman, R. The Chinese ; their present and 
future, medical, political, and social. Phil. 
1891. F224 

Cooper, T. T. Mishmee hills ; an attempt to 
penetrate Thibet from Assam to open new routes 
for commerce. L. 1873. F 194 

— Travels of a pioneer of commerce in pigtail 
and petticoats ; or, An overland journey from 
China towards India. L. 1871. F 201 

dimming, Constance F. G. Wanderings in 
China. 2 v. Edin. 1886. F 1 96 

Curtis, B. R. Dottings round the circle. B. 
1878. [p. 110-193.] F 68 

D'A., Anna. Lady's visit to Manilla and Japan. 
L. 1863. [p. 105-174, 279-297.] F 97 

Davidson, G. F. Trade and travel in the far 
East; or, Recollections of 21 years passed in 
Java, Singapore, Australia and China. L. 18+6. 
[p. 216-286, 303-304.] F 173 

Dobell, P. Travels in Kamtchatka and Siberia ; 
with a narrative of a residence in China. 2 v. 
L. 1830. [v. 2, p. 125-341. Travels in China.] 

F 167 
Doolittle, J. Social life of the Chinese. 2 v. 
N. Y. 1865-67. F 2 

Downing, C. T. Stranger in China; or, The 
fan-qui's visit to the Celestial Empire, 1836-7. 
2v.ini. Phil. 1838. F 174 

Duer, J. K. Chinese sketches. [Cut from 
magazine dated April, 18«0.] D 1 1 

Dukes, E. J. Everyday life in China; or, 
Scenes along river and road in Fuh-kien. L. 
1885. F 95 

Dunne, J. H. From Calcutta to Pekin. L. 
1861. F158 

Elliot, R. Views in the East; comprising In- 
dia, Canton, and the shores of the Red Sea. 2 
v. L. 1833. F 46 

Ellis, H. T. Hong Kong to Manilla and the 
lakes of Luzon in the Philippine Isles, 1856. L. 
1859. F 172 

Englishman in China. L. 1860. F 99 

Erman, G. A. Travels in Siberia; including 
excursions to the Chinese frontier. 2 v. Phil. 
1850. [v. 2, p. 163-198.] F 137 

Fielde, Adele M. Corner of Cathay ; studies 
from life among the Chinese. N. Y. 1894. 

Illustrated by artists in the celebrated school of Go Leug 
at Swatow. 

Fleming, G. Travels on horseback in Mant- 
chu Tartary. L. 1863. F 139 

Fontalanque, E. B. de. Niphon and Pe-che-li; 
or, Two years in Japan and Northern China. L. 
1863. [p. 180-282.] F 140 

Forbes, F. E. Five years in China, 1842-47 
L. 1848. F170 

Forbes, R. B. Personal reminiscences ; added 
rambling recollections connected with China. B 
1882. F193 

Fortune, R. Residence among the Chinese ; 
scenes and adventures during a third visit to 
China, 1853-56 ; with suggestions on the present 
war. L. 1857. F 143 

— Three years' wanderings in the northern 
provinces of China ; including a visit to the tea, 
silk, and cotton countries. L. 1847. F 141 

— Yedo and Peking ; a narrative of a journey to 
the capitals of Japan and China. L. 1863. Tp. 
357-388.] F 146 
French, H. W. Our boys in China. B. 1883. 

Fulton, H. Travelling sketches in various 
countries. 2 v. in 1. L. 1840. [v. 2, p. 115- 
204. China.] F 66 

Gill, W. River of golden sand; a journey 
through China and Eastern Tibet to Burmah. 
2 v. L. 1880. F ] 97 

— Same ; condensed by E. C. Baber. L. 1883. 

Gilmour, J. Among the Mongols. L. n. d. 

F 155 
Gray, Mrs. J. H. Fourteen months in Canton- 
L. 1880. F 190 

Gundry, R. S. Sketches of excursions to 
Chnsan, Pootoo, Nanking, and Kioto. Shanghai. 
1876. F 111 

Habersham, A. W. My last cruise. Phil. 
1873. [p. 113-179.] F 64 

Halloran, A. L. Eight months' journal kept 
during visits to Loochoo, Japan, and Pootoo. 
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Use of a certain Chinese numismatic work in 
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Box B 2 
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the causes of the rupture of the English and 
French treaties of Tien-tsin ; our relations with 
China, eic. Macao. 1860. C 54 

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C 55 

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from the report of the Department of state.] 


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D 11 



East-India and China trade ; a review of the 
arguments and allegations which have been of- 
fered to Parliament against the renewal of the 
East-India company's charter. L. 1829. 

D 12 
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The revision is by S. \V. Williams. 

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Chinese in America. 

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— The Thing ; or, Patriotic rising ; a secret so- 
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BoxB 4 

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Translations from the Chinese. 

See also under Chinese Classics. 

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t. p. w. C 122 

This appears to be a volume of a set called Anecdotes 

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Same as Fortunate union. 

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C 124 



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a Chinese tale; tr. by Sloth [R. Thom]. Can- 
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flnities with that of the Aryan and Semitic races- 
L. 1876. C 134 

Religion and Philosophy. 

General Works, Confucianism and Taouism. 

Chow Tsze. Thai-kih-thu, des Tscheu-tsii tafel 
des urprinzipes mit Tschu-hi's commentare nach 
dem Hoh-pih-sing-li Chinesisch mit Mandschuis- 
cher und Deutscher tibersetzung einleitung und 
ammerkungen herausgegeben von G. von der 
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C 145 
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Hongkong. [1879.] E 12 

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founded upon moral philosophy ; a systematic di- 
gest of the doctrines of Mencius. B. 1882. 


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ismus, als einleitung zum Lehrbegriff des Con- 
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— Systematical digest of the doctrines of Con- 
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A translation of his Quellen and Lehrbegriff. 

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1870.] D 21 
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taining 16 maxims of the Emperor Kang-he, am- 
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tr from the Chinese original, by W. Milne. L. 
1817. E9 

— Sacred edict ; [a review ; cut from the Ana- 
lectic magazine, April, 1819]. D 11 

— Sheng ii Siang chai ; or, Chinese historical il- 
lustrations republished in reduced form. Shang- 
hai. 1879. E 8 ; D 27 
These illustrations were prepared to accompany the 
author's Sacred edict. 

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and morality of "the old philosopher" Lau- 
tsze; tr. from the Chinese, by J. Chalmers. L- 
1868. E 15 



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— Same. Revised ed. Shanghai. 1878. D 20 


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E 39 
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E 19 

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mans ; or, The laws and regulations of the 
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E 14 
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ism. L. 1895. E 49 


Finn, J. Jews in China. L. 1843. 



American board of commissioners for foreign 
missions. China; claims upon Christians in 
America, social condition, openings for Christian 
effort, etc. B. 1867. Box A 1 

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Christian missions. B. 1882. [p. 139-245.] 

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to China. [Cut from the Sunday magazine, 
March 1, 1870.] D 11 

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kenzie, medical missionary to China. Ed. 2. 
N. Y. n. d. F 234 

China. [Cut from Religious tract society. Ju- 
bilee memorial. L. 1850.] D 21 
Davis, J. A. Choh Lin; the Chinese boy who 
became a preacher. Phil. [1884.] C 118 
Death blow to corrupt doctrines ; a plain state- 
ment of facts; published by the gentry and peo- 
ple, tr. from the Chinese. Shanghai. 1870. E4 
Against Christian missions. 

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ary annual. L. 1835. [p. 107-121. Account of 
Leang Afa, native missionary in China, by W. 
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N Y. [1894.] B 82 

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E 2 
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Phil, n d. D 13 

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various parts of the world, particularly China 
and the East Indies. 2 v. L. 1762. 

v. 1 and 2 of F 117 
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his diaries, letters, and reports. N. Y. n. d. 

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the protestant mission to China (now, in connec- 
tion with the Malay, denominated the Ultra- 
Ganges missions) . Malacca. 1820. E 13 
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F 237 
Reformation of missionary enterprise in Chi- 
na. Amoy. 1879. D 20 

Shanghai missionary conference. Report of 
the conference held May, -1890. Shanghai. 1890. 

BoxB 8 
Society for promoting female education in the 
East. Female agency among the heathen L. 
1850. s E 3 

Ten commandments ; Lord's prayer ; The creed ; 
[in English and Chinese]. Box B 6 

Travels of several learned missioners of the 
Society of Jesus into divers parts of the Archi- 
pelago, India, China, and America; tr. from the 
French original. L. 1714. v. 3 of F 117 

Tyerman, D., and Bennet, G. Journal of 
voyages and travels in the South Sea islands, 
China, India, etc., 1821-29. 3 v. B. 1832. I~v. 
3, p. 59-72.] jt 4 



Term Question, 

Controversies upon the translation of the word 
" God " into Chinese. 

Chalmers, J. Question of terms simplified; 
or, The meanings of sham, ling, and ti in Chi- 
nese made plain by induction. Canton. 1876. 

C 103 
Happer, A. P. Is the Shang-Ti of the Chinese 
classics the same being as Jehovah of the sacred 
Scriptures? What being is designated Shang- 
Ti in the Chinese classics and in the ritual of the 
state religion of China? by Inquirer. Shanghai. 
1877. D22 

Legge, J. Notions of the Chinese concerning 
God and spirits ; with an examination of the 
Defense of an essay on the proper rendering of 
the words Elohim and Theos into the Chinese 
language, by W. J. Boone. Hongkong. 1852. 

E 11 
Malan, S. C. Who is God in China, Shin or 
Shang-te? L. [1855.] E 10 

Smith, G., bp. of Victoria. National religion 
of China as illustrative of the proper word for 
translating "God" into the Chinese language. 
Shanghai. 1853. D 21 

Tomlin, J. Shin v. Shang-Te; antagonistic 
versions of the Chinese scriptures ; a review of 
the controversy and statement of the evidence 
showing a large majority for Shin; by a life 
member of the Bible society of thirty years' 
standing. L. 1854. D 21 


China. Imperial maritime customs. Silk. 
Shanghai. 1881. [Special ser. , no. 3 ] C 59 
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Eecherches sur 1'agriculture et l'horticulture des 
Chinois. Paris. 1850. C 105 

Julien, S. A. Industries anciennes et modernes 
de l'empire chinois. Paris. 1869. C 19 

Kang-he, emperor of China. Culture of rice 
illustrated; Manufacture of silk illustrated, tak- 
en from the " Keng-Chih-Tou ; or, Agriculture 
and silk illustrated,' 5 ' published in 1796 ; [in Chi- 
nese, English and French.] 2 v. in 1. Shang- 
hai, n. d. D 39 

— Same. [In Chinese.] Box G 3 

— [Culture of rice illustrated ; in Chinese.] 

D 37 

— Silk illustrated. [In Chinese, English, and 
French.] D 38 


[Specimens of Chinese cloth.] 
[Specimens of Chinese paper.] 


Ball, S. Account of the cultivation and manu- 
facture of tea in China. L. 1848. C 69 
Bell, A. N. Tea. [Cut from Hunt's merchants' 
magazine, Nov., 1858.] D 11 
Fortune, R. Journey to the tea countries of 
China: including Sung-lo and the Bohea hills. 
L. 1852. F 142 
Houssaye, J. G. Monographie du the. Paris. 
1843. C 174 

Eeade, A. Tea and tea drinking. L. 1884. 

C 71 
Stables, W. G. Tea; the drink of pleasure and 
of health. L. n. d. C 72 

[Tea culture; 12 colored pictures on rice pa" 
per.] Box A 10 

Ti Ping Koon, pseud.? Death in the tea pot. L. 
1874. C 70 

Tileston, W. M. Trip to the tea country. [Cut 
from magazine dated Feb., 1878.] D 11 


Allen, N. Essay on the opium trade as carried 
on in India and China. B. 1850. C 62 

— Same. Ed. 2. Lowell. 1853. C 63 

Brereton, W. H. Truth about opium. L. 1882. 

Chinese opium-smoker ; 12 illustrations repro- 
duced from the Chinese. L. n. d. C 67 
Documents relating to opium, etc., republished 
from the Chinese repository. [Canton.] 1837. 

Edkins, J. Opium; or, The poppy iu China. 
Shanghai. 1889. [China. Imperial maritime 
customs. Special ser., no. 13 ] Box A 14 

Moule, A. E. Use of opium and its bearing on 
the spread of Christianity in China. Shanghai. 
1877. C 68; D20 

Shuck, J. L. Portfolio Chinensis; a collection 
of authentic Chinese state papers [in Chinese] ; 
with a translation, notes, and introduction. 
Macao. 1840. C 27 

On the opium trade. 

Thelwall, A. S. Iniquities of the opium trade 
with China. L. 1839. C 65 

Chinese Science. 

Gaubil, A. Histoire de l'astronomie chinoise, 
avec des dissertations; Traite del' astronomie 
chinoise. [Forming v. 2-3 of the Observations 
mathematiques, etc., ed. by E. Souciet.] Paris. 
1732. C 156 

Hugo, Comte L. La the"orie hugodScimale ; ou, 
La base scientifique et definitive de l'arithmo-lo- 
gistique universelle. Paris. 1877. D 4 

Souciet, E., ed. Observations mathematiques, 
astronomiques, geographiques, chronologiques, 
et physiques, tiroes des anciens livres chinois. 
3v.ini. Paris. 1729-32. C 156 

Natural History. 

Bentham, G. Flora Hongkongensis ; a descrip- 
tion of the flowering plants and ferns of the 
island of Hongkong. L. 1861. C 106 

Birds of China ; [colored illustrations on rice 
paper]. Box All 

Collingwood, C. Rambles of a naturalist on 
the shores and waters of the China Sea, 1866-67. 
L. 1868. P 169 

Donovan, E. Natural history of the insects of 
China; a new edition, ed. by J. 0. Westwood. 
L. 1842. C 107 

With fine colored plates. 



Pauvel, A. A. Alligators in China; their his- 
tory, description, and identification. Shanghai. 
1879. C 109 

Japan. Organization of the meteorological 
system in Japan. Tokio. 1893. Box C 4 

Kingsmill, T. W. Border lands of geology and 
history; an inaugural address. Shanghai. 1877. 
[Royal Asiatic society. North-China branch.] 

D 16 
Lindley, J. Xcones plantarum sponte China 
nascentium ; e bibliotheca Braamiaua excerptse. 
30 colored plates. L. 1821. C 168 

Richthofen, F. von. China; ergebnisse eigener 
reisen und darauf gegriindeter studien. 2 v. 
Berlin. 1877-82. F 80 

Geology of China. 


China. Imperial maritime customs. Medical 
reports for the half-year ended 31st March, 1881. 
21st issue. Shanghai. 1881. [Special ser., no. 
2.] C 10 

Culin, S. Chinese drug stores in America. 
[Reprinted from the Journal of pharmacv, Dec , 
1887.] Box A 6 

Dudgeon, J. Diseases of China ; their causes, 
conditions, and prevalence, contrasted with those 
of Europe. Glasgow. 1877. D 20 

Gordon, C. A. China from a medical point of 
view in 1860 and 1861. L. 1863. F 24 

— Epitome of the reports of the medical officers 
to the Chinese Imperial maritime customs ser- 
vice, 1871-82. L. 1884. C 12 
Hanbury, D. Science papers chiefly pharma- 
cological and botanical. L. 1876. [p. 209-277. 
Notes on Chinese materia medica.] C 108 
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for the preservation of health in China. Shang- 
hai. 1863. C 14 
Lockhart, W. Medical missionary in China; 
a narrative of 20 years' experience. L. 1861. 

Stent, G. C. Chinesische eunuchen. Leipzig, 
n. d. D 7 

Wilson, J. Medical notes on China. L. 1846. 

C 11 


Chinese justice. [Cut from theAnalectic mag- 
azine, Oct., 1819.] D 11 
Giles, H .A. Historic China. L. 1882. [p. 125- 
232. Penal code of the present dynasty ; Lan 
Lu-chow's criminal cases.] B 31 
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China. Shanghai. 1879. C 17 
Mollendorff, P. G. von. Family law of the 
Chinese and its comparative relations with that 
of other nations. Shanghai. 1879. C 24 
Parker, E. H. Comparative Chinese family 
law. Hongkong. 1879. C 20 
Smith, R. Fraser. Report of trial ; criminal 
prosecution for libel ; Regina (on complaint of 
J. M. Price) versus R. Fraser-Smith. Hongkong. 
1883. D 5 

Ta tsing leu lee ; the fundamental laws and a 
selection from the supplementary statutes of the 
penal code of China; ir. by Sir G. T. Staunton. 
L. 1810. C 25 

Tarrant, W. Digest and index of all the ordi- 
nances of the Hongkong government to 1849. 
Hongkong. 1850. C 28 

Wolfe, J. R. Wu Shin Shan trial ; report of 
the case of Chow Chang Kung, Lin King Ching, 
Loo King Fan, Sat Keok Min, directors of the 
Taou Shan Kwan temple, vs. J. R. Wolfe, of the 
Church -of England missionary society. Hong- 
kong. 1879. D 23 
Supplement to the Hongkong daily press. 


Upton, E. Armies of Asia and Europe. N. Y. 
1878. [p. 13-32.] B 56 

Money and Coins. 

Hager, J. Description des medailles chinoises 
du Cabinet imperial de France; precedee d'un 
essai de numismatique chinoise. Paris. 1805. 

Huttmann, W. Copper and paper money of 
China. [Cut from magazine.] D 21 

Kien Lung, emperor of China. Ch'in ting ch'ien 
lu ; or, Record of Chinese coins ; published under 
imperial instructions, 1750; [in Chinese]. 4 v. 
Ningpo. 1880. D 25 

Vissering, W. On Chinese currency ; coin and 
paper money. Leiden. 1877. C 22 

Williams, J. Notice of three Chinese silver 
medals. L. 1861. D 21 

Fine Arts. 

Chambers, W. Designs of Chinese buildings, 
furniture, dresses, machines, and utensils; 
[with] a description of their temples, houses, 
gardens, etc. L. 1757. C 1Q7 

Pergusson, J. History of Indian and Eastern 
architecture. L. 1876. [p. 685-710.] C 8 

Hongkong sketching club. Art conversazione, 
12th Dec, 1883. [Hongkong. 1883.] D 5 

Jones, O. Examples of Chinese ornament. L. 
1867. C 4 

Thorns, P. P. Dissertation on the ancient Chi- 
nese vases of the Shang dynasty, 1743-1496 B. C. 
L. 1851. C 110 


Elson, L. C. Curiosities of music; ancient and 
savage nations. B. [1880.] [p. 114-200.] 

C 2 
Van Aalst, J. A. Chinese music. Shanghai. 
1884. [China. Imperial maritime customs. 
Special ser., no. 6.] C 1 


Alexander, W. Costume of China illustrated 
in 48 coloured engravings. L. 1805. P 85 

Mason, G. H. Costume of China illustrated by 
60 engravings ; with explanations in English and 
French. L. 1800. p 86; P 87 




Culin, S. Chinese games with dice. Phil. 1889. 

Box AS 

Education and Child Life. 

Bryson, Mrs. Mary I Child life in Chinese 
tomes. L. 1885. F 1 

Children of China. L. 1884. F 5 

Giles, H. A., tr. San Tzii Ching, or three char- 
acter classic, and the Ch'ien Tsfi W6n, or thou- 
sand character essay; metrically translated. 
Shanghai. 1873. C 138 

These two poems are the foundation ol Chinese educa- 

Legge, J. Inaugural lecture on the constitut- 
ing of a Chinese chair in the University of Ox- 
ford ; delivered Oct. 27, 1876. Oxford. 1876. 

D 16; B 19 
■" Where Chineses drive"; English student-life 
at Peking; bv a student interpreter. L. 1885. 


Neighboring Countries. 

Mouhot, A. H. Travels in the central parts of 
Indo-China (Siam), Cambodia, and Laos, 1858- 
60. 2 v. L. 1861. F 202 

Bonvalot, G. Across Thibet. 

N. Y. [1892.] 

Conway, W. M. Climbing and exploration in 
the Karakoram-Himalayas. N. Y. 1894. 

F 247 
Herbert, Sir T. Relation of some yeares trav- 
aile begunne anno 1626, into Afrique and the 
greater Asia, especially the territories of the 
Persian monarchie. L. 1634. F 49 

Lay, G. T. Notes made during the voyage of 
the Himmaleh in the Malayan archipelago. N. Y. 
1839. [v. 2 of Claims of Japan and Malaysia 
"upon Christendom.] F 105 


Anderson, J. English intercourse with Siam 
in the 17th century. L. 1890. [Triibner's Ori- 
ental ser.] B 75 
Colquhoun, A. R. Amongst the Shans ; with 
an historical sketch of the Shans, by H. S. Hal- 
lett ; preceded by an introduction on The cradle 
of the Shan race, by T. de Lacouperie. N. Y. 
1885. F 206 
— Truth about Tonquin; the Times special cor- 
respondence. L. [1884.] B 50 
Finlayson, G. Mission to Siam and Hue', the 
capital of Cochin China, in 1821-2; from [his] 
journal, with memoir, bv Sir T. S. Raffles. L. 
1826. F 123 
Hallett, H. S. Thousand miles on an elephant 
in the Shan States. Edin. 1890. F 226 
La Bissachere, P. J. L de. Etat actuel du 
Tunkin. de la Cochinchine, et des royaumes de 
Camboge, Laos, et Lac-tho. 2 v. Paris. 1812. 

B 35 

Norman, C. B 

East. L. 1884. 

Karens of the golden Cher- 

McMahon, A. R 
sonese. L. 1876. 
Mesny, W. Tungking. Hongkong. 1884 


Tonkin ; or, France in the far 

Roberts, E. Embassy to the eastern courts of 
Cochin-China. Siam, and Muscat, 1832-4. N. Y. 
1837. F 35 

Bost, R , ed. Miscellaneous papers relating to 
Indo-China ; reprinted for the Straits branch of 
the Royal Asiatic Society. 2 v. L. 1886. [Triib- 
ner's Oriental ser.] C 153 
Scott, J. G. (Sliway Yoe.) France and Tong- 
king ; the campaign of 1884 and the occupation 
of further India. L. 1885. B 48 
Staunton, S. A. War in Tong-King; why the 
French are in Tong-King and what they are do- 
ing there. B. 1884. Box A 8 
White, J. History of a voyage to the China 
Sea B. 1823. F 121 


Allen, H. N. Korean tales. N. Y. 1889. 

B 25a 
Carles, W. R. Life in Corea. L. 1888. 

Cavendish, A. E. J. Korea and the sacred 
White Mountain ; with an account of an ascent 
of the White Mountain, by H. E. Goold-Adams. 
L. 1894. F251 

D., A. W. Notes on Corea. Shanghai. 1884. 

B 28 
Frazar, E. Korea and her relations to China, 
Japan, and the U. S. Orange, N. J. 1884. 

Griffls, W. E. Corea, the hermit nation ; [with 
biblioj-raphy]. N. Y. 1882. B 27 

— Corea without and within ; with Hendrick 
Hamel's narrative of captivity and travels in 
Corea annotated. Phil. [1885.] B 30 

Hall, B. Account of a voyage to the west 
coast of Corea. Phil. 1818. F 252 

Lowell, P. Chosdn, the land of the morning 
calm ; a sketch of Korea. B. 1886. F 225 

Miln, Louise J. Quaint Korea. N. Y. 1895. 

F 256 
Oppert, E. Forbidden land; voyages to the 
Corea, with an account of its geography, history, 
etc. N. Y. 1880. B 23 

Boss, J- History of Corea. Paisley, n. d. 



Adams, W. Original letters of the English pi- 
lot, W. Adams, written from Japan between 
1611 and 1617; reprinted from the papers of the 
Hakluyt society. Yokohama. 1878. F 106 

Black, J. R- Young Japan; Yokohama and 
Yedo. 2 v. L. 1880-81. B 78 

Educational society of Japan. Short account 
of the Educational society of Japan. Tokyo. 
1892. Box C 3 

Japan. Commerce and industry, Bureau of. 
Details of the weights and measures exposed at 
the World's Columbian exposition. Tokyo. 1803. 
[1893. J Box C 2 



Titsingh, I. Nipon o dai itsi ran ; on, An- 
nates des empereurs du Japon ; ed. par J. Klap- 
roth. Paris. 1834. B 70 

Siberia, etc. 

Anderson, G. C. Notes of a trip to the island 
of Saghaliu. Shanghai. 1881. Box C 1 

Atkinson, T. W. Orieutal and Western Siberia. 
N. Y. 1858. P 165 

— Travels in the regions of the upper and lower 
Amoor and the Russian acquisitions on the con- 
fines of India and China. L. 1860. F166 
Cochrane, J. D. Narrative of a pedestrian 
journey through Russia and Siberian Tartary, 
from the frontiers of China to the Frozen Sea 
and Kamtchatka, 1820-23. Phil. 1824. F 129 
Eden, C. H. Frozen Asia; a sketch of modern 
Siberia. L. [1879.] P 168 
Prejevalsky, N. From Knlja across the Tian 
Shan to Lob-nor. L. 1879. P 132 
Veer, G. de. True description of three voyages 
by the North-east towards Cathay and China by 
the Dutch, 1594-96. [under W. Barendsz] ; ed. 
by C. T. Beke. L. 1853. [Hakluyt society.] 

P 91 

Travels of Chinamen abroad. 

Pa-hien. Record o f the Buddhistic kingdoms ; 
tr. from the Chinese, by H. A. Giles. . L. n. d. 

E 17 

— Record of Buddhistic kingdoms ; an account 
by the Chinese monk, Fa-hien, of his travels in 
India and Ceylon, A. D. 399-414 ; tr. and anno- 
tated with a Corean recension of the Chinese 
text, by J. Legge. Oxford. 1886. E 18 

— Travels of Fah-Hian and Sung-Yun, Buddhist 
pilgrims, from China to India, 400 A.D. and 518 
A.D. ; tr. from the Chinese, by S. Beal. L. 1869. 

Goudar , A. Chinese spy ; or, Emissary from 
the court of Pekin commissioned to examine 
into the present state of Europe ; tr. from the 
Chinese. 6 v. in 3. Dublin. 1766. C 175 


Hiuen Tsang. Si-yu-ki ; Buddhist records of 
the western world; tr. from the Chinese, by S. 
Beal. 2 v. B. 1885. E 36 

Lelarj d, C. G. Fusang ; or. The discovery of 
America bv Chinese Buddhist priests in the 5th 
century. N. Y. 1875. C 37 

Ong-tae-hae. Chinaman abroad ; or, A desul- 
tory account of the Malayan archipelago, partic- 
ularly of Java; tr. [by W. H. Medhurst]. 
Shanghai. 1849. D 15 

Sykes, W. H. Notes on the religious, moral, 
and political state of India before the Mahome- 
dan invasion, chiefly founded on the travels of 
the Chinese Buddhist priest Fa Hian in India, 
A.D. 399 and on tbe commentaries of Messrs. 
Remusat, Klaproth, Burnouf, and Landresse. 
[Cut from magazine.] D 19 

Foreign Fiction and Poetry relating 

to China. 

Cynthia, a Chinese story, and other tales. 
Hongkong. 1879. C 123 

Dalton, W. John Chinaman; or, Adventures 
in Flowery Land. B. [1858.] C 120 

Also published under title Wolf -boy of China. 

Lindley, A. F. Cruise in Chinese waters; [the 
log of the Fortuna]. L. n. d. C 114 

Longfellow, H. W., ed. Poems of places; 
Asia. B. 1878. [p. 191-232. Chinese Empire.] 

C 112 
Sealy, T. H. Life in China; the porcelain tow- 
er; or. Nine stories of China; compiled from 
original sources, by T. T. T. Phil. 1842. 

C 132 
Stories from China. N. Y. n. d. C 126 


Chinese statesmen and state papers. [Cut 
from magazine dated March, 1871.] D 21 

Kwong Ki Chiu. Dictionary of English phrases, 
with illustrative sentences. N. Y. 1881. C 73 
Peep show. N. Y. n d. D 


Plath, J. H. Die landwirthschaftder Chinesen 
und Japanesen im vergleiche zu der europaischen. 
pt. 1. Munich. 1874. D 7 

[Scrap albums of newspaper clippings, illustra- 
tions, etc.] 17 v. D 41 -D 53 ; D 56-D 59 
Simcox, Edith J. Primitive civilizations. 2 v. 
L. 1894. [v. 2, p. 1-395. Ownership in China.] 

B 80 
Thatcher, C. R. Hongkong distillery; arum 
burlesque. Hongkong. 1874. D 13 

[Typhoon of Sept. 22-23, 1874, Hongkong; 
newspaper clippings and photographs.] P 84 
What the Chinese really think of Europeans, 
by a native literate. [Cut from magazine dated 
March, 1871.] D 21 

Books in Chinese. 

Where the text is accompanied by a translation 
the work is entered above under its appropriate 

Ban Shodo Chikuso, [artist]. Gaden; [Illus- 
trated book]. " D 30 
Bible. Box P 1 

— [New Testament.] Box P 2 

Used as state or copy book. 

— Sing Yok Chiong Cliti; [New Testament]. 
1868. Box D 1 

— Acts of the apostles, with marginal refer- 
ences; tr. into Chinese, by W. Dean. Hongkong. 
1847. Box D 2 
Bridgman, E. C. [History of America.] [Can- 
ton. 1844.] Box D 6 
Ho kan shin ka jin butsu ron ; [On the Chinese 
people]. Ed. 2. Box E 3 
Isaa; [Religious book]. Box P 3 
Ka yo rio yaku ; [Family useful good medicine] - 

BoxE 2 
Advertisement of Dr. Jayne's remedies. 

Kaban wago tsushio; [Christian book]. 

Box E 8 
Kai kan so kurei; [Custom duties]. Box E 7 



Kien Lung, emperor of China. Ch'in ting ch'ien 
lu; or, Record of Chinese coins; published under 
imperial instructions, 1750. i v. Ningpo. 1880. 

D 25 
Ko ku shi ; [Chinese classic] . Box E 1 

Kocho choku sho chiyo zenzu ; [Chinese geog" 
raphy]. D 29 

Li Kien. Shi tsu ki; [Personal recollections 
of the Chinese rebellion]. Box E 4 

Milne, W. Kew she chay yen hing chin she ke ; 
[A true record of the doctrines and acts of the 
Saviour of the world] . Box D 3 

Printed at Malacca by members of the Ultra-Ganges 

Rekidai meiyen dzusetsu; [Famous Chinese 
ladies of history]. 2 v. D 31 

Ten Sekisai, [artist]. Gaho; [Illustrated mag- 
azine of information], nos. 113-116, 120-133. 
Shanghai. 1887. Box E 5 

Published every ten days. 

Tozai yoko maigetsu tokiden; [Eastern and 
western ocean ; monthly statistics]. 2 pts. 

Box G 5 
Tsah she suh mei yueh tung ke chuen ; [a gen- 
eral monthly record, containing an investigation 
of the opinions and practices of society.] 

Tsin seaou mun, tsow tslh loo keae lun ; [A dis- 
course concerning entering in at the strait gate 
and walking in the narrow road]. 

BoxD 5 
Printed at Malacca by members of the Ultra-Ganges 

Word of welcome and warning for the Chinese 
in America. Box D 4 

Ya so seikio to ko ku bun ; [Christian prayer 
book]. BoxF4 

Chinese pamphlets not identified. 2 v. 

Box G 1 and 2